Tupac Murder Weapon Has Disappeared

by Sophie Craig December 16, 2017, 13:45

But recently it was discovered in a document by producers from A&E's docuseries Who Killed Tupac? that the gun used to kill Tupac was actually found in a citizen's backyard on 30 May 1998.

The mysterious death of rapper Tupac Shakur has been shrouded in mystery for decades.However, now there's some more info to add to the conversation - and it's juicy stuff, because it suggests there was a police cover-up in the investigation. But nothing like what it was for Mopreme Shakur, Pac's older step-brother, who met Benjamin Crump, the civil rights attorney who is also producing the A&E docu-series.

In 2006, a Sheriff's deputy discovered that the address where it was found once belonged to a high-ranking Crips gang member's girlfriend.

Tupac was shot in Las Vegas, so the logical thing to happen would have been for the gun to be turned over to the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD). Federal prosecutors stopped its transfer back to Las Vegas police, out of fear that the weapon's discovery might tip off any conspirators involved in the rapper's death.

Reggie Wright Jnr, who has been always been linked to claims he was involved in the shooting of Tupac, laughed off the claims he had anything to do with it.

"They found a.40 caliber pistol".

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But his killer was never caught nor tried for the murder, because of police inaction, his associates say.

But Biggie, who was himself gunned down in a drive-by shooting the following year, denied shooting Tupac, and claimed he was recording tracks when the hit took place - though those claims have been questioned since. Orlando Anderson - a known member of the Southside Crips - was killed in a gang shootout, in Compton, on May 29, 1998.

It claimed that Shakur, Knight and several of their entourage had beaten up Anderson the same day as the shooting. One longstanding theory is Anderson and other Crips murdered him in revenge.

He said: 'I believe in karma, ' he said. This is America. We found Bin Laden'.

According to experts interviewed in Who Killed Tupac?, the gun was never transferred to the LVPD and details of the revelation were never spelled out in fear of igniting rented gang violence in the mid-2000s.

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