Tillerson-Ghani meeting speaks volumes of American failures in Afghanistan: Asif

by Antonio Miles October 27, 2017, 0:27
Tillerson-Ghani meeting speaks volumes of American failures in Afghanistan: Asif

Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif informed Senate on Wednesday that except pressing for going tough on the Haqqani network, the US had not made any "specific request" to Pakistan as claimed by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ahead of his recent visit.

Tillerson told Abbasi that Pakistan is "so important regionally to our joint goals of providing peace and security to the region and providing opportunity for greater economic relationship".

The reception for Tillerson was much warmer in India, which is clearly happy about the US plan for the country to play an enhanced role in Afghanistan - where it earlier stepped in to provide air transport of Afghan produce and other goods when Pakistan closed border crossings - and the rest of the region. "His name is also not in the list of 75 people handed over by the United States, and there is no mention of the place such Quetta, etc, where a militant might be taking shelter", he said.

Tillerson's visit to Islamabad and India was part of a six-day tour covering five nations including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Switzerland - however he also paid a secret visit to Afghanistan on Monday.

Dawn News reported he also told senators that Pakistani officials informed the American delegation that Pakistan does not want any military hardware, economic resources or material gain from Washington.

He said Pakistan had clearly told the United States that it would not be a scapegoat in Afghan war , adding that Washington was clearly apprised that Pakistan was not responsible for its sheer defeat.

Khawaja Asif said we have also conveyed our message to the visiting US Secretary of State in clear words that Pakistan would neither made any compromises nor surrender on all national interests and the government was only accountable to the Parliament.

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Khawaja Asif said that Taliban and ISIS control nearly 45 percent area of Afghanistan where they have shadow governors, which is enough for them to plan and execute terrorist activities there and that they do not need Pakistani territory of it.

Earlier on Tuesday, Asif has said there was a "huge trust deficit" between Islamabad and Washington over the conflict in Afghanistan. "The parliamentary resolutions also sent a strong message to the United States".

"We probably listened 80 percent of the time and we talked 20 percent", Tillerson said.

"The role of these countries in solving the dispute is indispensable", Asif added. "Nearly 40 per cent of Afghan territory is now under the direct control of the Taliban", the Foreign Minister added.

The foreign minister stressed that Pakistan did not have terrorist safe havens and the U.S. was not buying Pakistan's narrative, neither was Pakistan buying the narrative of the US.

"They do not need our territory anymore". Beijing has also time and again tripped India on its bid to become an NSG member, by tacitly supporting Pakistan's bid and placing both countries at the same level on the issue of not signing the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

US officials have long accused Pakistan of turning a blind eye or assisting the Afghan Taliban and the allied Haqqani network.

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