Kevin Hart and Eniko show united front amid sex scandal

by Olga Hunt September 21, 2017, 0:39
Kevin Hart and Eniko show united front amid sex scandal

Hart took to Instagram on Saturday to publicly apologize to his pregnant wife and his two children, Heaven and Hendrix Hart, after finding out about the alleged extortion regarding an explicit video of the comedian with another woman.

Lawyer Lisa Bloom told a Los Angeles press conference Wednesday that her client, Montia Sabbag, is a victim and Hart appears to be a victim as well.

When asked what the date was that Hart and her client were together, Bloom said it was "approximately a month ago in Las Vegas".

They will announce their next legal move, she added.

To make things worse, a sexually suggestive video has surfaced, and there have been attempts to extort money from Hart in return for the video.

When asked if Sabbag knew that Hart was married (to wife Eniko Parrish, who is now 31 weeks pregnant) at the time of their intimate interaction, Bloom responded, "I'm not going to answer that question". "We are not suing him", said Bloom.

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TMZ previously reported that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents believe they know the identity of a person who allegedly demanded money to not leak the video, which allegedly features Hart getting cozy with Sabbag at a club and then in a bedroom.

Hiding cameras and recording someone in a private place is illegal, as is distributing the images, Ms Bloom said. "This is not about money", Bloom said.

Kevin Hart has been in the headlines for his very public apology and admittance of cheating on his now pregnant wife.

Bloom and Sabbag have addressed the accusations facing the aspiring actress in a press conference livestreamed via TMZ. Any reports to the contrary are false. "It's a s-ty moment when you know you're wrong and there's no excuses for your wrong behavior".

Sabbag also made it clear she was not out for payment from Hart.

Hart married wife Eniko past year and she is expecting their first child. She also said they would "immediately" be going to law enforcement themselves to file a claim against the felonies.

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