Luke Cage's Mahershala Ali in 'Early Talks' for True Detective S3 Role

by Sophie Craig July 2, 2017, 1:24
Luke Cage's Mahershala Ali in 'Early Talks' for True Detective S3 Role

Moonlight star Mahershala Ali is reportedly in early talks to star in True Detective season 3.

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After a critically and publicly well-received first season of True Detective (which garnered Matthew McConaughey particularly high praise for his role), the show swiftly fell out of favor during Season 2.

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The second season of True Detective, which starred Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams, proved polarising with fans and critics following the universal acclaim heaped on the show's debut season.

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A few months back we reported that writer and producer David Milch - of Deadwood and N.Y.P.D Blue fame - would be joining series creator Nic Pizzolatto in the script-writing process.

According to Tracking Board, Ali, whose performance in Moonlight earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, is allegedly close to signing a deal to star as the lead in Season 3 of HBO's crime drama series. He certainly showed his talent for intensity on Luke Cage, where he played the unpredictable and powerful Cottonmouth.

HBO President Michael Lombardo also said in 2016 that he blamed himself for the show's dismal second season, saying he placed too much pressure on Pizzolatto to produce a second season so quickly after the first, a mistake he said he realized later since he had taken a much longer amount of time to conceive and conceptualize the first season.

So there you have it. Mahershala Ali is expected to lead True Detective when it returns, and it will return.

Usually, I'd want to know the story line before I check out the next season of an anthology show, but who am I kidding?

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